Kathie Kain is the most remarkable wonderful trainer I have ever met. She is also the most knowledgeable and considerate to my body and concerns. I have trained with her over 10 years. She has helped me beyond measure to not only get fit but keep fitness on the list of my priorities, which I greatly doubt I would have done on my own. She is a force of nature and her positive support has meant I have kept my health not to mention my figure over a long period of time and through some pretty challenging times too. I don't see how someone could do better than have this expert and enjoyable trainer at your side.
- lpianohands, Five Dock, NSW
I knew after my first training session with Kathie a little over 18 months back that Id found somebody I could work with who knew her stuff, clearly practised what she preached and was genuinely interested in figuring out what would work for me. What I wouldnt have dared predict back then was that my body, health and fitness level could be so utterly transformed. What Kathie brings to her work is not just fitness expertise; she seems to act from a rare intuition for people and this is what sets her apart. I required multiple hip surgeries as a child and as a result exercise was never my thing. Now, for the first time in my life (Im 42) I am miraculously fit, size 8 (down from 14) comfortable postponing hip replacement and still greatly enjoying food! I look forward to my routine sessions with Kathie - they continue to be at once creative, no-nonsense and great fun. I cannot recommend this woman highly enough.
- Trish White, Rozelle, NSW
It's coming up on a year since I had the second of both ceramic hips installed. Up to that time I had difficulty climbing into my shoes so today I took great delight in celebrating the long limp to freedom with an exhilarating climb to the mother of all summits in Sydney - the great Harbour Bridge! Celebrating with me was exercise physiologist extraordinaire and friend who helped me immensely to get body and soul ready (and recovered) beginning four years ago when I first shuffled into her gym. Thank you Kathie and let there be bubbles!
- Trish White